Find out what our existing clients are saying:

Before joining Matt's FABB programme, I was unfit and unhappy with the way I felt and looked, but I was too lazy to do anything about it. Joining the gym was one option, however if you don't know what you're doing it's just a waste of time and money.Matt taught me how to balance nutrition and exercise, with having a life. Within one month, Matt's methods helped me lose over 1 stone, and I cannot thank him enough. The workouts are fun, and challenging, and everyone within the Academy is in the same boat as you. This has given me a lot of comfort in knowing that wherever I am on my journey, I'm never alone. I would recommend Matt and FABB to anyone who is thinking of transforming their body and creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


I was trying to shift abit of timber before my wedding day, I decided to give the FABB programme a go. Matt created a 12 week plan for me which consisted of a mixture of weight training and HIIT, which I really enjoyed. I saw Matt twice per week, then fitted in some workouts of my own, when I could. I really liked that all of the workouts were available to me on the website, so I could continue with the programme outside of my sessions with Matt. He's always enthusiastic and motivational, and I found his help with my nutrition particularly helpful. If you want to get results and not give up your life, and don't mind putting in the effort, I'd defiantly recommend the FABB programme.


I found Matt via an advert on Facebook. I joined the programme after having not done any exercise for nearly 5 years. I was borderline diabetic and felt really cumbersome, tired all the time and my confidence was at an all time low. Matt has really helped me manage my nutrition and exercise. During his sessions he never lets me give up and gives me so much encouragement. I have done things I never thought myself capable of. I feel a lot better and have lost 8.6 kilos so far which is 4 kilos shy of 2 stone. I still have a long way to go and have a goal but I know with Matt's help I will definitely get there. I would recommend Matt to anyone especially someone who needs encouragement and advice on nutrition. His recipes and online workouts are excellent too. Whatever your aims he will push you to get there. He is genuinely a nice guy and also makes me laugh during the sessions which is a bonus!


I approached Matt and started the FABB 12 week transformation program as I was tired of not getting anywhere with my body and my fitness despite exercising three times per week. I was hesitant at spending that amount of money on such a luxury, but I can honestly say – it is worth it and I would do it all over again! I have enjoyed all the sessions and found the advise from Matt on how and what to eat very useful. I can wholeheartedly recommend this program for everyone who would like to see and feel real change – not just a few pounds of the scale – but actually a transformation in the way you look and feel.


I saw an advert from Matt Roots Coaching on Facebook while on a plane getting ready for take off. I read the text on what people Matt was looking for and I thought that's me! So I signed up and became part of Matt's group. I've really enjoyed it, and it's really helped me be more disciplined in going to the gym. There's some great food suggestions as well. As I travel a lot, the programs online workouts were very handy, as I could do these while on the road. I have really benefited from doing this and feel less tired when returning from travelling. The program and Matt's positive support and approach to the group make this really enjoyable and worthwhile.


I had struggled with fitness and motivation after a number of injuries made me retire from my sport. I got heavy, slow and unfit. I really needed to change. I joined Matt's 12-week programme. He is a great motivator and my fitness improved dramatically - by the end I was lifting double the weights I started on, and nearly halved the time I took to complete fitness challenges, both of which gave me a great sense of achievement. I didn't do well with the dieting, but after finishing my 12-week programme I lost 7kg! All-in-all I thought Matt was an excellent all-round trainer and coach, and is still an influence on my life-style changes. I will be back!


Matt's motivating emails, Facebook posts, brilliant recipes, fun (but hardcore!) training sessions and general all round positive, sunny approach to health and fitness have helped me lose over a stone in weight since November last year (that's with the party season, Christmas and a holiday - with a fair amount of rum in between!). His positivity and belief in his clients is infectious and I could not recommend him more - he has renewed my love of working out and changed my eating habits - I feel stronger mentally & physically, my favourite clothes fit better and I am super close to reaching one of the goals I set out to conquer - completing the 5k Park Run in under 30mins! Give me until the end of the month and I know I'll have smashed it! THANK YOUUUUU MATT!!